President Al-Alimi confirms in a speech to the people: proceeding with the policy of “economic decisiveness” and no tolerance with legal and financial status  of the state
President Al-Alimi confirms in a speech to the people: proceeding with the policy of “economic decisiveness” and no tolerance with legal and financial status of the state
Sat ، 15 Jun 2024 17:15

This evening, His Excellency President Dr. Rashad Mohammed Al-Alimi, President of the Presidential Leadership Council, delivered an important speech to the Yemeni people at home and abroad, on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha.

The President of the Leadership Council, on his own behalf, the members of the Council and the government, congratulated the Yemeni people with all their components on the blessed Eid Al-Adha. Specifically His Excellency congratulated the guests of the Most Merciful, the pilgrims of the Holy House of God.

His Excellency also congratulated the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques HM King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince, Prime Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman, on the occasion of the success of the Hajj ceremony.

His Excellency the President pointed out the importance of this religious occasion in embodying the values ​​of unity, solidarity, and brotherhood, and the feelings of love, peace, and family ties; despite all the aches and pains that our Yemeni people are suffering as a result of the coup by the terrorist Houthi militia, and our people’s rejection of slavery, superstition, class differences, racialism, and all diseases of pre-Islamic times. He added our people are longing for the state, law, equality, and to move on one heartedly for restoring state institutions and protect its gains.

President Alimi addressed the Yemeni people, saying, “Our greatest Eid is the day of restoring your national institutions, liberating our land from projects of backwardness, extremism, and hatred, and restoring happy Yemen,”. He further stressed that everyone has to be aware that we have religious and national responsibilities that require cohesiveness, overcoming the wounds, and bringing the country back together that was torn apart by the years of the coup and war. He stressed the necessity of resuming the cycle of life and development that was halted by the Iranian regime’s proxy militias.

The President of the Leadership Council and the members of the Council renewed their fulfillment of the covenant and promise to stand by the Yemeni people, and strive to serve them and move towards a just and comprehensive peace in accordance with the terms of reference for the solution agreed upon nationally, regionally and internationally. They renewed their commitment to improve the economic and living conditions resulting from the devastating Houthi militia war at various levels, including targeting oil installations and international shipping lines.

The President of the Leadership Council affirmed that the government will continue its efforts to secure the maximum possible number of services and regular payment of salaries, hoping that the efforts of brothers and friends will lead to pushing the militias to heed to the voice of reason and respond to the free popular will in choosing their future and their regime based on pluralism, justice and equal citizenship.

The President of the Presidential Leadership Council touched upon the recent Houthi practices and violations against activists and relief agency employees, which prove that the government is on the right path when it repeatedly called on international organizations to move their headquarters to the interim capital, Aden. So that they do not remain hostage to the militias and their repressive apparatuses.

He said, "The appropriate status for leaders of opinion and intellect, and relief workers, is to honor them as life makers and truth tellers, and the appropriate deterrence for violators of rights and freedoms, and those who traffic in religion and politicize its pillars, rituals, and rites, is to isolate them, prevent them from escaping punishment, and criminalize their misguided ideas, based on guardianship, the Imamate, and the abhorrent racist distinction."

His Excellency the President affirmed that the state will continue to adopt a policy of “economic decisiveness” in response to the dangerous transgressions of the Houthi militias that threaten to plunge the country into a comprehensive humanitarian catastrophe. He added: starting with targeting the resources of the Yemeni people and its refusal to keep away the banking sector, reaching the height of its delusion in the possibility of the state contesting its monetary sovereignty through a counterfeit currency minting and put it up for dealing.

The president said, "The overwhelming popular and political support for the Central Bank's decisions proved the validity of the economic decisiveness policy, which aimed to achieving three main goals. He continued: first, emphasizing the legal and financial status of the Yemeni state, second, protecting the banking sector and depositors' funds from violations by the terrorist Houthi militias, combating money laundering, and finally, saving the national economy from the risk of international isolation following the designating of the Houthi militias as a terrorist organization."

The President of the Leadership Council called on all the Yemeni people to support these decisions and not pay attention to the misleading propaganda through the platforms of the militias that have monopolized the country’s capabilities without assuming any obligations towards the citizens in the areas under their force.

His Excellency the President also mentioned the government’s efforts and the concessions it made in order to push the militias to end their siege of cities, open roads, facilitate the movement of individuals, money, goods, and the activities of humanitarian organizations, and make this file a fixed priority in all agreements and understandings that the militias have renounced.

He added that every time the militias announce the opening of roads, the government takes the initiative to welcome the step and attempts to institutionalize it and transfer it from its immoral propaganda context to the responsibility of the committees concerned with negotiation, the bodies concerned with implementation, and the international teams concerned with monitoring.

The President of the Leadership Council indicated that the state’s keenness on this institutional and legal path aims to sustainably secure the movement of citizens, which necessarily means repositioning the forces stationed on the lines of contact, clearing the land of mines and militia snipers, and never returning to the hell of the siege. That siege which will remain a disgrace in the entire memory to speak about the brutality of the Imamate militias.

The president said, referring to the step to partially open some of Taiz’s roads, that the militias “are mistaken when they think that they can, with these propaganda measures, cover up their crimes witnessed at the gates of Taiz, and in all parts of the proud governorate. They are also wrong when they think that their maneuvers can improve their image, or present them as a sovereign at home after it failed to market that abroad.”

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