Speech by His Excellency President Al-Alimi on the 60th anniversary of the October 14 Revolution
Speech by His Excellency President Al-Alimi on the 60th anniversary of the October 14 Revolution
Fri ، 13 Oct 2023 20:00

O great Yemeni people at home and abroad,

On my own behalf and my fellow members of the Presidential Leadership Council, I greet you with pride and dignity on this eternal day, the anniversary of the glorious October 14th  Revolution. The day in which our people wrote another epic for the sake of their freedom, independence, and pride.
All sincere congratulations on this precious occasion on the eve of which we are speaking to you, in fulfillment of the sacrifices of the heroic leaders from the North and South, the leaders who united together to make the great transformation towards freedom, independence, and realizing the dream of a national state, and an eternal break with the Imamate and colonial era, and their remnants.

Perhaps October is the appropriate time to remember the values of the state and the rule of law. Aden is always the appropriate place to celebrate your steadfastness and patience in the face of the fascist Houthi militias over the past years. We are confident that victory will inevitably come, no matter the challenges are.

In this evening I address you, 
O great people, to continue together our ongoing national epic, in defense of the goals of September and October, for the sake of steadfast values that end with the people ruling themselves, and eliminating the differences between classes.

O free citizens,

On the sixtieth anniversary of the October 14th Revolution, we have the right to be proud of this significant day in the history of our nation. The day that put our country on the right path towards a unified, free and independent national state, the day that brought about a profound change in our social and institutional structure, and changed the face of life completely, including the state project that emerged for the first time in the south of the country as one of the most important manifestations of the Yemeni humanitarian struggle. In order to defeat the project of division and fragmentation of about twenty-three sultanates, emirates, sheikhdoms, and colonies, in favor of the project of an independent national state.
Today, without talking about the October Revolution, the value of any national project of any kind cannot be complete.
The 14th of October represents the synthesis of what the national movement made throughout the country, and at its axis was Aden, the dignified city, open to the endless struggle of the Yemenis in the face of all projects of slavery and colonial. 

This revolution of the sixties taught us the meaning of being a unified force to achieve a decisive victory, which later formed half of the Yemeni equation for us, and a major introduction to the concept of the state that forever thwarted any attempt to gain strength through factional, sectarian, or regional affiliations.

It is fair to say that the south of the country, after independence, enjoyed many gains that placed it among the regions most empowering for women, in addition to the impressive success in eradicating illiteracy, eliminating endemic diseases, and excelling in the fields of media, sports, culture, art, and influencer union work.
The October Revolution also provided, in one of the most prominent manifestations of achievement, free education for all the Yemeni people. This was reflected positively in the first place, the education of women who were liberated from circles of exclusion to the circle of empowerment and full enjoyment of their human and legal rights, including their early entry into the field of judiciary. These are the gains that we wanted to revive today, and strengthen them by appointing a number of women in the highest bodies of the judiciary and the executive authority.

Aside from any pitfalls, we should learn from the bright side of the October era what it means to have the law above all, a state that monopolizes weapons, combats revenge and tribal disputes, and stands responsibly in the face of Qat abuse, which is wreaking havoc in the country.

But what is more telling is that our people were inspired by the October generation for their amazing response to breaking the seventy-day siege of Sana’a sieged by the Imamis in the sixties of the last century. So that Aden today returns to making history again, leading the battle to restore Sana’a, and achieving liberation and salvation from the new Imamis supported by the mullahs’ regime in Iran. This includes an advanced understanding that this group will spare no effort to continue its destructive adventures for the North and the South alike.
Therefore, we learned from the lesson of September and October that the stronger the republic is, the stronger and more capable the country becomes of imposing its national independence. When the Imamate gets control over Sana’a, it sees plunder and spoils in all the countries, and it does not hesitate to seize every opportunity to destroy the present, blow up the future, and take revenge on the bright spots in our ancient history.

Dear citizens, 

The new Imamis tried to hide their hatred for the legacy of the Yemeni revolutions, and went hypocritically to show their celebration of them, until they were fed up with spontaneous marches of young men and women who rush into the streets in thousands, and continued their celebrations of the September Revolution, under the bullets of the militias and their brutal force.
This was not an individual act as they promote, but rather an established doctrine and an existential war against everyone who reminds them of freedom, the republic, and the blood-stained history of their Imamate regime.
The militias have no choice but to respond to the national will, allow popular demonstrations, release all detainees, and enable human rights monitors to access their prisons to reveal the fate of thousands of detainees, those kidnapped last month, and over the years of war, including the struggler Mohammed Qahtan, who is included in the UN Security Council resolution. 

Day by day, it is confirmed that these militias have not left any safe place to which they can resort, or any platform in which they can speak out. They want a judiciary to liquidate and confiscate the properties of opponents, media to promote their leaders’ incitement and false victories, mosques to glorify their guardian, and affiliated components to adopt their absurd positions.

They rejected all initiatives to alleviate suffering, expand participation in political rights, and abandon violence and weapons. They clung to everything that could destroy and deepen division and differences, instead of reasons for construction, advancement, and change.
Perhaps the arbitrary measures against the Yemeni Airlines Company, and the recent cross-border terrorist attacks that targeted the Bahrain Defense Force stationed to support our people, their dignity, and their identity, are the latest example of the brutality of these militias, and their indifference to human suffering, in the midst of diligent peace efforts at various levels, including mediation efforts led by brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, and the UN and American envoys.

It is unfortunate that there are those who hold the legitimate government responsible for these grievances and apostasy, and accuse it as the source of all ills, while the militias exploit this to further mislead, strengthen their grip, bulldoze and seize identity, resources, and confiscate rights and freedoms.

But I am confident that the embers of September and October will burn them again, because they do not belong to it, and because a generation full of hope and freedom tells us every day that nothing except change can be accepted. We have seen that ardent spirit in the youth who defied the bullets and endured the beatings by the guns butts. We have also seen the young women whose freedom was restricted, as a spark for change in this nation. Those all were born of free leaders, they draw inspiration from the struggles of the founding fathers about the meaning of freedom, justice, and equality.

Fellow sisters and brothers citizens,

Our path to salvation from this satanic plant requires more national alignment, because the new Imamis this time are taking over the state’s capabilities and institutions that were built over sixty years.
However, the makers of victory in September, October and November inspire us with boundless optimism that the will of the people is invincible, and that the fate of projects that do not belong to the spirit of this era will be worse than their previous versions, consigned to the dustbin of history.
That is why we are better now than before, and in the following year we will be more cohesive, not only with the logic of armed force, but with the ethics of the forces of republic and change, and the values of justice, equality, and respect for public freedoms, more than anything else.
Of course, as we announce this, we must acknowledge the role of those who preceded us in achieving these gains and rebuilding institutions that would not have been achieved without the honorable position of our brothers in the coalition to support legitimacy led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and the broad popular rally around the state, the republican system, and against the militias, their project, and the destructive goals of its financiers and supporters whose goals were revealed from the first day.

Therefore, during the coming period, we must work collectively to strengthen our solidarity, support the armed forces, security, and popular resistance, encourage creative national initiatives, combat misinformation, and speak frankly about the country we want and the principles we believe in, represented by a state that guarantees rights and equality, according to an inclusive constitution that affirms the right of the state alone to monopolizing force, enforcing the law, criminalizing guardianship, racism, discrimination, opening wide scope for partnership in building the future that all Yemenis, women and men, deserve.

O citizens,
Over the past months, we have worked in the Presidential Leadership Council and the government on a set of priorities to alleviate the human suffering that these militias have exacerbated by their terrorist attacks on oil installations and suspending export for a whole year.
With God's help, and with the generous support of our brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, we were able to overcome the catastrophic repercussions of those terrorist attacks and enhance our full readiness to deter any new attacks on our national institutions, or any threat to international peace and security.

While we are fully aware of the extent of the suffering that our people are experiencing, especially at the height of the summer season, with the inability of the approved projects to enter into implementation on time, we renew our commitment to making every effort towards radical solutions to the chronic energy crisis, and ending the waste and corrupt interventions associated with this sector.

Today, we are working together to enhance the security and stability of the liberated governorates, combat terrorism, and continue to defend dignity on various fronts, while being open to comprehensive and sustainable peace efforts based on the three terms of reference, the brothers’ initiative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and any endeavors that achieve your aspirations in building a civil state, that belongs to its Gulf surroundings and Arab fabric.
We will continue to support the government to fulfill its imperative obligations, with our firm belief that improving and sustaining the livelihood of our people will only be achieved by restoring state institutions and ending the coup caused by the fascist militias, whether by peace or by war.

We affirm the commitment of the Presidential Leadership Council and the government to the comprehensive reform program, which embodies the common directions of reviving the economy, improving livelihoods, attracting regional and international funds, combating corruption, and drying up the sources of the war economy and its suspicious financing.

We also renew our firm commitment to the constitution, the state’s sovereignty and interests, and its legal status, which has provided our people with enormous facilities and safe havens from the oppression of the militias, keeping the name of Yemen present in various forums, ensuring the flow of food and medicine supplies, and basic life-saving goods and services.

Dear brothers and sisters,

As we celebrate today the anniversary of the October Revolution and National Independence Day, we affirm our position in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people, their legitimate leadership, their right to defend themselves and establish their independent state on the basis of international legitimacy resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.
Perhaps what is happening today in the Palestinian territories is living evidence of how things turn out in any just cause, when the right of force prevails over the force of right, and when negotiations are employed for the sake of negotiations without progressing towards a real, comprehensive and just solution. When the international community is content with the position of spectators, and the lack of serious action to bring about sustainable peace for the benefit of the peoples demanding freedom.
Oh great Yemeni people,
We take this precious national occasion to extend our thanks and gratitude to the armed forces, the security forces, the popular resistance, and our partners in the Coalition to Support Legitimacy, who all had the credit for keeping the nation’s flag flying and deterring the Iranian expansionist project.
We also salute this legendary steadfastness of our people, their absolute rejection of the forces and projects of the pre-national state, and their patience and sacrifices in order to make our country a place of hope and complete victory, with God’s help.

Happy Anniversary

Mercy for the martyrs
Healing for the wounded
and freedom for the prisoners and kidnapped.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God