President Al-Alimi meets with Ministry of Interior Leadership, Heads of Security Agencies, and General Directors of Police in Governorates
President Al-Alimi meets with Ministry of Interior Leadership, Heads of Security Agencies, and General Directors of Police in Governorates
Wed ، 27 Mar 2024 15:22

His Excellency President Dr. Rashad Mohammed Al-Alimi, President of the Presidential Leadership Council, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, held an extensive meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Interior, heads of security agencies, and General Directors of police in the governates.

At the beginning of the meeting, attended by Major General Ibrahim Haydan, Minister of Interior. His Excellency the President asked to  observe a minute of silence for mourning the souls of the martyrs of the security forces and Yemen’s martyrs generally, including innocent civilians who are killed daily either by being sniped or tortured by the terrorist Houthi militia under the rubble of exploded houses.

The President of the Presidential Leadership Council stressed the importance of this meeting, which comes amid ‏unprecedented complicated local and regional circumstances. He noted that Yemen faces challenges and serious security and economic implications, more than any other country, due to the continued Houthis’ escalation on various fronts and  their terrorist attacks on oil facilities and maritime security.

President Al-Alim stated that the economic repercussions on the humanitarian situation have doubled the security institution’s burden to providing safety, security, and social peace. He explained that the more reasonable living conditions are available for citizens, the more these conditions will be reflected on society’s  behaviors and concerns, which will result in improving community’s security and its opportunities for development and progress.

His Excellency recalled the clear presidential and government position on such developments, stressing that those positions have always been supportive for Yemeni people’s interests, alleviating their suffering, and improving their living conditions. The president noted that the militias have chosen a new escalation through maritime actions and exploiting the suffering of the Palestinian people, under the cover and support of the Iranian regime.

He added, "We’ve always taken a firm position in support of the Palestinian brothers and their right to establish their own independent and fully sovereign state. In addition, we work with the brothers and friends towards an immediate ceasefire and end the humanitarian suffering in the Gaza Strip and all Palestinian territories, to ensure the region’s security and stability, and international security and peace."

He continued, "When we talk about such damaging repercussions of regional developments, we also refer to the increasing terrorist threats within the country, resulting from such escalations and ‏blatant mobilization under the name of the just Palestinian cause."

The President of the Presidential Leadership Council highlighted the clear role of the security agencies in facing all threats and maintaining the preference of liberated governorates as places for living, working, safeguarding human rights and freedom of expression.

He added, "Therefore, the opportunities for success and sustainability of our decisions, including the decision to ensure internal work stability, always depend on the role of the security agencies and various intelligence services".

His Excellency the President commended the efforts of the Ministry of Interior’s affiliates and the ministry’s security agencies, despite the difficult circumstances they face at various levels. He pledged to work with his brothers in the Presidential Leadership Council and the government on improving such conditions.

In this context, the president also said: the security efforts achieved in the interim capital, Aden, and the rest of the liberated governorates, are a source of satisfaction. But that does not exempt us from raising permanent vigilance in anticipation of any threats.

He added, "Let me just say that our bet on the security institution will never waver to make a difference within the framework of our local communities and in the context of our central battle to restore state institutions and end the terrorist militias’ coup."

President Al-Alimi stressed that efforts must be coordinated and integrated between the various state institutions, and the security institution must deal responsibly with judicial orders. As it is an institution concerned with enforcing and protecting the rule of law.

The President urged the security services to show the civilized aspect of our people and our country in dealing with international organizations and investors. His Excellency urged them to benefit from the inspiring change taking place in the region at the level of public rights and freedoms without violating security and intelligence duties.

His Excellency stressed that such effort definitely requires an effective training and rehabilitation program, and  improving the situation of security officers of different ranks and positions. In the meeting, the Minister of Interior, the ministry leadership , heads of security departments, and police director generals in the governorates made interventions in which they reaffirmed their commitment to implementing the directives of His Excellency the President, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and  the approved plans and programs to consolidate the achieved gains and maintain unity in facing impending challenges.

The interventions praised the achievements of the security agencies since the formation of the Presidential Leadership Council. In addition the interventions stressed the importance of implemented reforms in ensuring the regulatory of government institutions and bodies’ work, and their role in achieving security and stability in the interim capital Aden and the rest of liberated governorates.

The meeting was attended by Major General Saleh Al-Maqaleh, the Director of the Office of the President of the Presidential Leadership Council.