A Presidential decree to restructure Higher Committee for Prisoners welfare and insolvent debtors’s  assistance: defining its tasks.
A Presidential decree to restructure Higher Committee for Prisoners welfare and insolvent debtors’s assistance: defining its tasks.
Sun ، 10 Mar 2024 10:58

Today, the President of the Presidential Leadership Council, issued Decree No. (80) of 2024, regarding restructuring the Higher Committee for Prisoners welfare and insolvent debtors Assistance. The decree defines also the tasks and duties of the committee.

Article 1 stipulated the restructuring of the Higher Committee for Prisoners' welfare and insolvent debtors’ Assistance, chaired by Mr. Abdulrahman Abu Zar'a Al-Muharami,  member of the Presidential Leadership Council and vice chaired by the president of the Supreme Court. The committee also shall include the following members: the Director of the Presidency Office, the Ministers of Interior, Justice, Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Education, Public Health and Population, Finance, Endowments and Guidance, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Technical Education and Vocational Training, the Attorney General, and the Chairman of Prisons Authority.

Article 2 stipulated that the Committee shall include two members from the private sector, to be added by a decision issued by its chairman.

Article 3 stipulated that the committee shall undertake the following tasks: 

- Taking the necessary measures to reform prisons and rehabilitate prisoners in all central correctional facilities across liberated governorates.

- Assessing the situation of prisoners and detainees, in addition to the relevant authorities’ compliance with laws in force .

- Working on taking the necessary measures to collect financial aid for insolvent prisoners and determining the appropriate mechanisms for distributing it according to the criteria approved by the committee.

- Monitoring the procedures aimed at reducing any violations of prisoners and pretrial detainees’s  rights.

- Adopting policies, plans, and strategies necessary for reforming and improving Prison’s conditions, benefiting from successful international experiences and working in accordance with international principles and standards related to prisoners’ rights, in coordination with relevant authorities

- Working on enhancing the capacities and enhancing institutional capacity of prison staff in coordination with relevant authorities, with the Committee having its own bylaws that define all its organizational aspects, to be issued in a decision by the Committee's chairman after the Committee's approval.

Article 4, the final article of this decree  stipulated that this decree shall be implemented as of the date of its issuance, and shall be published in the Official Gazette.